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summer solstice 2017

the „fete de la musique“ took place in 2017, in berlin and other cities. regularily, i had moved to schillingbrücke, near yaam, where a public audience stage was prepared, like any other year, before, but from the „ritter butzke“ crew….

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a minute of ustream clip, that ive collected during that event with a 360° roundview, that maybe has its gaps, here on the playback. data was streamed via vodafone lte, but within a overloaded cell, so the transfering bandwidth was maybe not accessible. below a clip, that i had made on the weekend before, in prenzlauer berg  ( new swabia ) which runs slightly smoother. i was using a freemium account, so no guarantee, that it will last forever.

Stream videos with Ustream

on ustream, one can broadcast from the mobile device as well as from stationary devices. with the network in the backhand, some users could be served with that, with no effort, but with dashboarded reports.

ustream broadcasting

while we spoke, to get a hardcore radio back in business, the infrastructure as a service is there. at, one can do exactly whats needed, taking care for content, audience and growth. the prices starts at 99$ for 100 slots/user. 5 user is free, more then the entry plan is possible, for not named numbers.

the embeddable player, with activated social  and archive function, can be seen and used, like below. sharing that link is then a click away.

[updated 20191119 link above]

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