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biggest gun will rule them all

while the most countries in north africa got sufferings from the vanishing political circles, they had before, egypt is ruled by the army and kids with guns.

hapschetsut temple, luxor
hapschetsut temple, luxor

while the ancient pharaos had their female king in the past, the hatschepsut temple is a bastion in the hills, close to luxor. the previous pharao dynasties were loose coupled on the same place, the pyramid fetish was a different story.

anyhow, thousends of years are past, women showed their forces in comparision with men, but nowerdays, unbelievable dull people with backward directed faces are more keen, to rule their space, with guns and knifes, instead using their brains nor mind as weapon. so, moving on the streets there, as tourist, without a pistol, machine gun nor knife, it feels pretty shity then – so using the time in the building, like the hotel, was the best and safetyiest conclusion, out there.