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ext-gwt one page diagram

one is using ext-gwt for the creation of graphical user interfaces, a couple of things are needed, that such construct is maintainable and configurable, from the backend. all sources are written in java and then compiled to javascript. websockets, ajax, all the fancy stuf will be conducted in „object manner“ on that level.

architecture diagram
gui architecture for static content blocks and dynamic inlays

i noticed, that the dynamic part of a page is the minor part, that matters. the static part, with css, js and so on, needs a lot of attention, while coding. so i tryed some 3rd party stuff, with jquery for success.  with“bootstrap“ the div-container are prepared, configured and accesible from the dom-tree and the context in general. the page can be separated with ease and little effort, on version changes. some diagram might help to prepare the page design over all elements.