as i had the wish to play with more then one server, i felt the need to configure the domain-name-service ( dns ) much more, then before.

my provider, where the usual webspace resides gave me access to the dns-infrastructure he had. that was cute, as i wasnt a reseller by fact and the need to maintain such things where another level of hosting configuration.

with that tool, to register a-records within the dns, i was able to build the cluster to cloud, with the ability to handle different sites for the different machines/server. i played with and other subdomains as the dataflow where handed-over between different services. several services were to handled by ip-addresses before, now i made that more niceley with names. that was a big step toward the idea of a cloud as the complexity was raising with each service and each instance.

the amount of subdomains and service-aliases raised quickly and i reduced them as i i wanted to keep the overview over the different things, that were hidden behind that curtain.