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as i have the rootServer, i can try and play niceley with my own coded stuff in java, running on tomcat. as the default-webserver just having the php stuff on it, i was looking for my own machine ( or at least for the chance to deploy my stuff ) since a long time.

with no big experience in the hosting field, iam not sure to put the tomcat naked onto the web, so i decide to hide the service behind a proxy/router. after i looked into the given examples, apache could be used therefore. thats to easy, i thought and i remembered some lighthttpd from my school, that one professor took for his page.

configuring the ports and the reverse-proxy was done quite quick, but having more then one subdomain means more then a single config-file. another thing is, that i want to play with load-balancing, so the config was done in three parts.  as example, the workflow of a domain like

part 1: to localhost:80. the gateway with round-robbin load-balancing on a virtual host (server-0) in berlin and redirect to the server-1 in jena.

part 2:

redirect from port 80 on server-0 to server-1 port 80, where another lighty was running.

part 3:

redirect from port 80 to port 8080, where tomcat was running and targeting the servlet-path like http://server1:8080/reporteer/

caching on each layer for different filesizes and different file-types was done that way. as the commong filesize on the http level is mostly below 64 kilobyte ( to measure ) i passed files from the servlet between 64kb and 1mb as java-cache, smaller files on the lighty-instances, separated for images and js/css.  so, some css and some javascript ( lets say up to 8 ) per request was reasonable. a unbounded amount of images where handled by the servlet, beside tiny pictures, like thumbnails and icons.

so i felt a bit save for my tomcat, that exploits or my shity code wont run into a desaster for external incomming requests on port 80.  „the evil hacker“, who wanted to get inside the machine would have to overcome the multiple redirect-layers on the plain/vanilla web-server, to catch the tomcat. beside the fact, that i didnt used any php/cgi nor sql-engine, the chance to fail to quick was not my point anymore.

but the main aspect is, that i can run active code now on the machine. before that, i just made passive / xml based stuff with gwt to run on the vhost i had. now remote-procedure-calls ( rpc ) are possible, beside general httpRequest.


as i run the webradio ( this time ) with craig and the amount of listeners are raising, iam looking for an own root-server, to stream the channels by our own. we send with shoutcast-server, which is listed on the portal for a bigger audience and a lot of customers to catch.

therefore i look for the cheapest machine, with unlimited traffic and i pick up one in southern-germany, in jena at euserv. i take the „misurf-m“ with singlecore athlon, 160 gb hdd and 1 gb ram. the price for that machine is ~28€/month, the slots on citrus, we used before costs around 16 british pounds per 25 users. that means, the machine is a lot of money worth, if fully usable.

configuring and customizing the server takes two days or so, then two streams are ready to play that funky music loud boy.  the machine is connected with 100mbit/s and with 160 kbit/s per stream, ~600 listeners / slots are estimated. that is the initial idea as use-case for streaming.

but during the tests i see, that 20-30 mbit/s is the average bandwith before drop-outs take place and interrupting the stream is not so niceley. anyhow, digging the stats from the logfile, observing the customers wants and needs came into the focus, but a good shout-stats-analyzer is not in sight, the same with a nice player for the browser, with streaming-abilities.

ill take some free widgets from the net, to drop them into  the html page and the radiostation is online then. using winamp or vlc player as stream-client is quite easy, so we stream both the gabba and hardcore channels and later on, i switched electro and acid on as well.

therefore, i register the domain to handle the url and links and to present the material somehow neutral, with a to close binding to hc. but to be true, my drive and motivation came out of the music    ( mukke ) at i see that as essential influence in life.