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summer solstice 2017

the „fete de la musique“ took place in 2017, in berlin and other cities. regularily, i had moved to schillingbrücke, near yaam, where a public audience stage was prepared, like any other year, before, but from the „ritter butzke“ crew….

Stream videos with Ustream

a minute of ustream clip, that ive collected during that event with a 360° roundview, that maybe has its gaps, here on the playback. data was streamed via vodafone lte, but within a overloaded cell, so the transfering bandwidth was maybe not accessible. below a clip, that i had made on the weekend before, in prenzlauer berg  ( new swabia ) which runs slightly smoother. i was using a freemium account, so no guarantee, that it will last forever.

Stream videos with Ustream

on ustream, one can broadcast from the mobile device as well as from stationary devices. with the network in the backhand, some users could be served with that, with no effort, but with dashboarded reports.

nodemcu and arduino

having such small device, with wifi and many analog and digital i/o ports by hand, is somehow nice. that general purpose input output connectors are known as GPIO….. the loveley mr. wang from hongkong, tower 4, building c had send me that esp8266 v3 (340) board within the second week, directly from china, by airmail.

device ports with addresses

that device ( nowerdays called „iot device“ ) can be used as serial bridge, for incomming / outgoing signals. a little more sophisticated is the idea, to send all the data by http with tcp/ip or as udp paket. a lot of traffic can be estimated, beside failure correction , missing paket and other crapy errors, that are common.

pushing a json string that way, triggered, when the value changes, could be more gentle to the chip. the unknown state of the receiver is the pitfall there. using websockets on the nodemcu will work with some message client, like mqtt, is the next climbing. the client subscribes to a master ( tomcat / rabbit mq or pure servlet with extras )  and  delivers the information straight there. the server will handshake the  request with a response, directly to a open port, on the client ip.

should be all, will see, when the code is working as expected. 20 sensors with 50 samples/second could mean 1000 requests per second – commonly. if nodemcu/raspberrypi3 is able to feature all that, is the question for the comming days. the arduino is something one have to learn, how to use  that efficiently is the first step. the next is, to have some java ide, like eclipse ready with java, then tomcat and a dbms or storage engine, like mariadb installed within a virtual machine, with the same debian, that is used for raspberrypi, that is called raspian. then the code delivery or the binaries should work on both enviroments, even if the architecture will differ between amd and arm.

a related story was some years ago, the teensy to get into the mac

ultron laser test

für meine geburtstagfeier wunderte sich der ein oder die andere, wie alt ich wohl werden würde und warum es kein runder geburtstag sei.

flyer von

lars künstler hatte mir freundlicherweise den flyer erstellt, den wir vorher thematisch schonmal eingekreist hatten. marvin, deep thought und die 42 sollten auftauchen. nun, von statistischen 20 betrachtern, haben 5 mindestens die zahl „42“ nicht erkannt.

um neben der beschallung durch 4 djs(artists) auch ein wenig was fürs auge zu haben, konnte ich von „tron laser“ in berlin, zwei geräte ausleihen, die mit je 1.8W RGB einiges an dampf zur verfügung stellten. mit einer nebelmaschine wurde kontrastmittel beigebracht, so dass die strahlen des lasers, gut sichtbar waren. wärend des aufbauens habe ich dann noch schnell einen kurzen clip erstellt.

das lineup bestand aus:
dj maggio (elektro family ost)
stephan funkmann (hansehertz, traumschallplatten)
dj sake (yse/antaris)
flipcore (fbm crew)

als location hatte sich „tante grete“ als ehemalige bowlingbahn, stargarder strasse in berlin, fixen lassen. die geschlossene gesellschaft tagte etwa von 20 – 6 uhr in der früh. da die bar bisher keine eigene website geschaltet hat, hatte ich im gugl.maps ein wenig an bild und text nachgeholfen.

kurz pause, drop, stop;

jvm settings, for partly tuning of garbace collection and memory allocation in general


-Xms384m  // headroom for memory to be free
 -Xmx768m  // all in all memory, to be recycled
 -Xmn2m  // stacksize for heap to 2mb
 -XX:+UseG1GC  // specific gc
 -XX:MaxGCPauseMillis=75  // max timeout in ms.
 -XX:NewRatio=2  // ratio between new and recycled obj
 -XX:SurvivorRatio=4  // ratio for memory to reused
 -XX:MaxNewSize=256m  // max size for new objects
 -XX:MaxPermSize=256m  // permanent max. heap space
 -XX:+UseStringCache  // stringbuilder at its best
 -Xloggc:..\eclipse.logfile.dump.txt  // to external



while iam trying to reach a cloud instance as db-tier, called dashDB, some side effect of the toolset here, is excentrical and need to be named…i tried with aqua data studio, but that failed as well, while java-8 is working under the hood and that 8 versions from times ago and now, wont play together :/

datastudio with half set home path for that vendor … crashed … oracle – make my day again …
agenity, some proposed query workbench wont work with the current cloud instance…? tells me something about a version, i want dasdb, he means db2v9.0.0.2 – but where to put that driverclass then ?

meanwhile, i have found some equivalent to such tools, called „aginity workbench for dasndb„, also a eclipse based tool.

da geht noch was auf fuerte

wieder mal ferienzeit und wie der zufall, durchfall, reinfall oder auch rheinfall so will und spielt, sind in meiner tasche die
da geht noch was“ aufkleber sticker von ( ehemals herbslebmedia/basti. also hurtig eins am balkon meines zimmers befestigt, fotofiert, versandt und massig respect geerntet….

da geht noch was auf fuerte
da geht noch was auf fuerte

ustream broadcasting

while we spoke, to get a hardcore radio back in business, the infrastructure as a service is there. at, one can do exactly whats needed, taking care for content, audience and growth. the prices starts at 99$ for 100 slots/user. 5 user is free, more then the entry plan is possible, for not named numbers.

the embeddable player, with activated social  and archive function, can be seen and used, like below. sharing that link is then a click away.

[updated 20191119 link above]

to get linked to my profile there, follow that url ->